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These not only swap out stale indoor air for an equal amount of fresh outdoor air, they recover heat and moisture from the exchanged air in the winter, and they pre-cool and dehumidify incoming air in the summer. {More}

You deserve a higher standard of comfort and control. Until the day someone invents a device that can control the weather, your thermostat is truly the centralized control center. Take Control of your home. {More}

Clean air is more comfortable, and you don’t have to suffer from asthma or allergies to appreciate it. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning whole-home air cleaners remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne allergens from your filtered indoor air. {More} While low humidity levels are great for preventing mold and mildew, they can cause other problems. When installed into your home’s heating and cooling system, a home Humidifier works to automatically maintain a proper humidity level throughout your entire home. It can also help reduce heating bills because humidified air feels warmer.{More}

Take a deep breath.

You love your home, but do you love the air inside it? American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning offers a number of ways to clean and freshen the air in your home so you can breathe easier without compromising comfort. An AccuClean™ Whole-Home Air Filtration System can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles and allergens from the filtered air your family breathes – including dust, dander, pollen and bacteria. Pretty cool, huh? It also outperforms HEPA, and is up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter. So you can spend less time worrying about your air, and more time relaxing and enjoying your home.

Increasing ventilation is another method for improving indoor air quality. Our AccuExchange™ Air Exchanger freshens your home's air by removing stale, indoor air and replacing it with an equal amount of fresh, outdoor air. It also recovers heat and moisture from the exchanged air, enhancing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and keeping humid or dry air out.

Product AccuExchange™
Energy Recovery Ventilator For fresher, healthier air in your home.

Go ahead and breathe deep. Now when people talk about fresh, clean indoor air, you’ll know exactly how fresh and clean yours is.



You deserve to be comfortable.

It’s your fortress. Your safe-haven. There’s no place else like it. Make sure it’s as comfortable as you want it to be. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning helps families feel more comfortable and breathe easier in their homes. We design high-quality, trouble-free products and systems that families like yours can rely on, year after year.

The best way for us to deliver the comfort you deserve is to “right-size” your HVAC system. AC Man will conduct a home comfort analysis. This includes listening to your comfort needs and requests and performing a “load calculation” to determine the capacity and capabilities of your current system, and what could be done to improve it. This important step helps match the right system for your home’s size and your family’s needs, such as ensuring rooms are evenly heated or cooled. Proper equipment sizing and matching can also extend the life of your investment when all components are working together as a team, and efficiently operating at the right time, speed and temperatures.

Home comfort really starts with a matched system. A matched system is made up of components that are designed to work together to provide greater efficiency, reliability and comfort. Matched systems can be “split” (separate units placed inside and outside the home) or “packaged” (one single unit, which houses all components in a single cabinet, placed outside the home). Your independent dealer can tell you what application is best for your home. And for even greater comfort and cleaner indoor air, an air filtration system can be added to your existing furnace or air handler to filter out unwanted airborne particles.

Take control of your home.

Until the day someone invents a device that can control the weather, you’re at the mercy of your local climate with all of its storms, winds, and hot and cold flashes. But just because you can’t turn down the sun on a hot summer day doesn’t mean you’re not in control of your home. We’ve spent more than 130 years increasing and perfecting the control you have over the climate in your home. No matter what’s going on outside, it’ll be exactly how you want it inside.

Your thermostat is truly the centralized control center for your home comfort system. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust temperatures throughout the day based on your needs, ensuring enhanced comfort and greater efficiency.

You shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your home comfortable. That’s why every component in an AccuLink™ Communicating System from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning is in constant contact with every other component of the system. This constant flow of information allows your system to constantly tune itself, optimizing performance, reliability and efficiency. You’ll never have to worry about airflow, humidity or temperature again. And when you add an optional Telephone Access Module (TAM), the system can alert you or your dealer of any potential problems. You can also call into the system to check status, change the programming, or adjust the settings using a simple voice menu system.

Product AccuLink™ Platinum ZV
Control Our most advanced, integrated control for ultimate home comfort.

Product Gold ZM Control
900 Family 7-day Digital Programmable Comfort ControlGet the highest level of control with AccuLink™.*

Product Gold XM Control
800 Family 7-day Digital Programmable Comfort ControlDeluxe thermostats that put comfort fully in your contro

Product AccuLink™
Remote Control Comfort control from the palm of your hand, driven by Nexia™.

Product Silver XI Control
600 Family 5/2 Digital Programmable Comfort ControlProgram your comfort to your schedule.

Product Silver SI+ Control
400 Family Digital Non-Programmable Comfort ControlPinpoint control and push-button energy savings.

Product Silver SI Control
200 Family Digital Non-Programmable Comfort ControlReliable, accurate temperature control made simple.


Cut back on sneezing and watery eyes.

Here’s something to sneeze at: Did you know that up to 72 trillion microscopic irritants, or allergens, find their way into your home every day? The most common trespassers are dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, tobacco smoke, cooking grease and bacteria. Some particles like these are often as small as .3 microns – so small that 2 million of them could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Besides the allergic effect they might cause, many of these particles are so small that the natural defenses in your nose and throat can’t filter them out, and they can get deep into your lungs.

Here is a way you can kick these critters out of the house. The AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration System catches up to 99.98 percent of allergens in the filtered air down to .1 microns. So while it might be allergy season outside, inside you’ll be breathing clean and clear indoor air, which may also help reduce the risk of asthma attack, stroke, heart attack, respiratory disease and other serious illnesses.

Install an AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration, put the tissue box away and know the air in your home is crisp and clean for your family to breathe.

Fight 40 pounds of dust bunnies.

It’s not something out of a horror movie. That’s how much dust accumulates in an average home in one year. Diligent sweeping and vacuuming can help, but AccuClean can take care of the bunnies before the dust hits the ground. Studies conducted by Environmental Health & Engineering and professors from the Harvard School of Public Health show that the installation of AccuClean reduces dust accumulation in the home by more than 50 percent — meaning you can dust less and have a healthier, more comfortable home environment.

Controlling your household humidity can also kill dust mites, one of the most common allergens. Having a humidifier or variable-speed fan technology as part of your HVAC system can help you take control of your humidity, and of your indoor air.

There aren’t more efficient weapons in the war against dust bunnies available anywhere.



Air cleaners

Clean air is more comfortable, and you don’t have to suffer from asthma or allergies to appreciate it. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning whole-home air cleaners remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne allergens from your filtered indoor air.


Product AccuClean™ Whole-Home Air Filtration System
The most effective whole-home air filtration system in the nation, period.
Product Perfect Fit™ Air Cleaner
Efficient air cleaning at an efficient price.

Too dry in winter? Too humid in summer?

Dry air can cause dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips and itchy eyes. Not very comfortable. But neither is sweaty, sticky humidity. The right level of humidity can make your home more comfortable, and that’s the kind of ideal home environment we strive to deliver.

We’ve got just the thing to keep your home in the middle, comfortable range. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s line of humidifiers is designed to work hand in hand with your central heating and air conditioning system to control humidity levels in your home and banish dry air. During the colder months, our variable-speed furnaces deliver heat to your home without drying it out.

But you can have too much of a good thing. When things start to get sticky, our Comfort-R technology is the perfect solution. It removes humidity from your home during those hot summer days. An added benefit: Comfort-RTM helps reduce dust mites, so your family can breathe easier.



In wintertime and in hot, dry climates, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s family of whole-home humidifiers add moisture to dry indoor air, making it more comfortable.



Product Platinum Humidifier
Power HumidiferQuiet, automatic humidity control.


Product Gold Humidifier
Large Bypass HumidifierThe right amount of comfort, automatically.


Product Silver Humidifier
Small Bypass HumidifierLets you personalize your settings at any time.